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Marriage, Money and Freedom

Have you ever felt like God is about to do something big? That’s where I am now, and it’s uncomfortable, a little scary and also exciting.

It’s hard to step out of comfort, but since we made that choice a few months ago God has confirmed that He’s working in us. It’s so cool to see Him working in our lives – together and individually.

In the few months that Michael and I have been married we have already started tackling issues that are often tough for newly married people. The hardest one for me is money – talking about it, making a budget and sticking to it, etc.

Michael is strong and developed in finances, and God knows I need that because I’m not (yet.) I tend to shy away from money talk/thoughts/planning, or I just bury my head in the sand completely, hoping that my finances will work themselves out. In all honesty I’ve pretty much been afraid of money – not having enough or losing what I do have.

Michael is the opposite. He’s disciplined with money, and he follows through in his budget plans. It’s pretty amazing, yet it can also be annoying because he gets excited about saving and planning whereas it’s been a topic of dread for me regardless of how much I had or didn’t have.

Over the last few months I’ve known that God is working in my life. I’ve asked God to changed my heart, to mold my will to match His will in my life. I have cried out to Him to show me what He wants to change in me, and He’s showing me. It’s awesome to see and know that God is answering my prayers, but I also have to lean into Him completely because inviting Him in to change us takes courage that can only come from Him too.

I’ve experienced so much change over the last several years, and it happened/is happening as a result of spending quiet time with Jesus everyday. It’s also compounded by godly relationships with friends, so small groups has been an important part of my growth with the Lord.

We’re embarking on a new season of small groups at church now, and I’ve known for months that I wanted to go through Freedom again. It has been the most life-changing Bible study that I’ve ever been through because it’s packed with biblical teaching that pinpoints Jesus’ desire to free us from hurts, bitterness, envy and everything else that keeps us from walking in the freedom God designed for us. It changed my perspective, and I’m looking forward to walking through that with one of my BFF’s, who is seeking freedom in her life right now too.

Surprisingly, I’m also ready to go through Financial Peace University. My goal in doing this study with Michael is to stop fearing the topic of money.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Yeah, yeah…I know. I know that I shouldn’t fear money, and I’ve made some tremendous strides in the last few months! Progress feels good, and it leads to a desire to do more. That’s where I am right now. I’m even saving a little now, and it’s fun to see it grow.

Michael is already so good with money, and soon he will be teaching these principles to others! And because he is my partner in life I want to catch up with him. I don’t want to stay the same while he continues to excel in financial freedom. I want to come along for the ride too, and I’m thankful that my patient and gentle husband is cool with that.

He knows that I may never be as frugal as he is, and he’s okay with that. He also thinks it’s hot that I’m willing to walk through this with him to see what God has in store for us, and that feels like a big marriage win!



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