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Here’s Why I’m Not Buying the New iPhone X

I love Apple products. I currently own a MacBook Air, an iPhone 7, an iPad mini, Apple TV and a larger iPad Air (that now belongs to my husband.) I have loved Apple since the iPhone hit the market, and I almost always look for ways to get the latest and greatest iPhone.

I didn’t initially upgrade when the iPhone 7 came out because I prefer to wait for the “s” version, so when I heard that they were skipping to the iPhone 8, I figured I’d buy that one. The timing was good too because I would soon to switch from AT&T to Verizon to join my husband’s family plan.

We agreed that I’d upgrade to the new phone, but when I saw the price tag I changed my mind. Paying $1000 for an iPhone X seems crazy, but we’re so conditioned to wanting more and paying more for it that I’ve never really questioned it until recently.

Society tells me that I “deserve” to feel instant gratification, and I buy into it. I’m a marketing professional. I know how the games works, yet I have a history of craving instant gratification all. the. time.

Earlier this year, I began asking God to change my heart and to make my desire for Him stronger than my desire for things. I want to get to the point that I desire to grow in my relationship with God more than I desire to eat chips and queso. Yeah, that should be a given, but the reality is that I often place things ahead of Him. I don’t want to live like that anymore, and I can see the evidence of his work in my life when I consider buying the new iPhone.

In earlier posts, I mentioned that Michael and I are going through Financial Peace University. He plans to teach it, and while he never asked me to attend (because he’s patient) I recognized my need for it. I freely went, and now I love it

I had no idea how empowering it could be to control my money, rather than letting it control me. I was praying about living with contentment prior to FPU, but going through these sensible steps have given me power over my cravings for things. I’m different, my desires are different, and the way I think of money is different.

I’d love to have the iPhone X at some point, but I won’t be purchasing it until I can pay cash for it. That won’t be next month or in the next few months either because right now I have different priorities. I don’t want to go on a payment plan for the phone that locks me into a two-year contract while forcing me to pay gobs of money for an object that will be outdated a year from now, and I’m actually kind of excited about challenging myself to wait. Instead, I took Michael’s iPhone 7, which is in perfect condition because he was ready to go back to Samsung. (He chose a phone that didn’t cost anything extra, of course.)

I’m thankful for my loving and supportive husband, but I’m also thankful for the work that God is doing in my life. Not buying a new iPhone is such a tiny thing, but it gives me hope and encouragement that my Savior is still working in me.

I understand that many people will pre-order and wait in long lines to get the new iPhones, and they definitely won’t face any judgement from me. These tiny gadgets that have the power to make the world seem small are awesome. I just want to learn to live within my means, and for me, that means not paying $1000 plus tax for an iPhone next month.

Have you ever challenged yourself to say no when you wanted to give into instant gratification?





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