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Marriage and Godly Womanhood

I made the choice to attend multiple bible study groups this semester because I had the time to do it, and I was also ready to see God move in my life in an incredible way. He has done it before, and after a short season of rest, I was ready to experience another season of intense growth.

Knowing it would be challenging, I set out to faithfully attend Financial Peace University and Freedom, both of which I have already mentioned here. I decided, kind of on a whim, to attend an 8-week study on biblical womanhood too, but I had no idea how challenging and impactful it would be!

God’s design for women is so contrary to the world’s standard…to my standardTrue Woman 101 has challenged me in ways that have forced me to dig deeper into my relationship with God, to trust him, and to trust my spouse.

I love Michael, and he’s a really good man. He’s not perfect, but he genuinely seeks God every day through prayer, reading his Bible, through worship, and through spending quiet time simply learning to hear God’s voice.

It’s incredible, but processing through the importance of his role in my life as my spiritual leader has been challenging.

Here’s the thing: After spending the majority of my adult life alone, it’s so odd to think of my husband as someone I should submit to even when I begin to understand that it’s so different than what the world envisioned…what I envisioned.

I like to think of myself as his partner, and I am. God’s Word just takes it much deeper than that. He created marriage to reflect his image! As a result, Michael carries a weight of responsibility that I don’t have to carry while I serve a unique and divine purpose as a woman too.

It’s not my husband’s job to be bossy or demanding, but rather, he is charged with protecting me, providing for me, and sacrificing for me when he needs to. I love these realizations, but unpacking that has been challenging. It isn’t easy to suddenly depend on someone, but it’s such a relief to know that he’s here to navigate the ups and downs with me. We bring out the best in each other, which is actually pretty awesome.

Michael and I are different, but we complement each other greatly. I’m strong in certain areas while he’s strong in other areas, and when we rely on each other to live in God’s image it all makes sense.¬†Right now I’m just excited about what God wants to do in my life. I’m asking him to mold me and shape me and to line up my will to match his, and he’s doing it.

Because we’re different, sometimes we don’t agree. Michael is really good at fighting for resolution instead of against me even when I get upset with him, and I’m learning how to have patience, how to compromise, and how to respond when I’m challenged or angry. We are both striving to be closer to God and each other. There is peace in our home, and I think that’s why.

In the past, I was able to look back after a period when my faith was stretched, and right now I know I’m in the midst of one. I know that I can’t go wrong if I trust Jesus, and now that he has put these plans in motion, it’s more important than ever to immerse myself in him.

He has a plan for me that includes love, patience, wisdom, and so much more, and I’m ready to see how he’s going to continue shaping me in his image. He didn’t create me to be “less than.” He actually created men and women because he loved us, and his Word says that we’re his masterpiece.

Michael and I are both enjoying this season even though we’re also waiting for him to provide answers to questions we’ve asked him. It’s uncomfortable to practice patience, but it leads to perseverance. And I know that it will pay off as well.

Have you ever experienced discomfort for a time that seems worth the sacrifice now?

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