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Scheduling Time for Rest

The last year has been full of big changes, and life definitely feels like it’s moving fast. Now that I have a full-time office job,  I’ve made mental notes to organize my time. I’ll do that as soon as I get a minute. Just kidding!

Seriously though, I know that rest is important, and sometimes I schedule it because it’s important. I started making some “rest goals” for myself a few years ago. I look forward to quiet mornings when I can drink a latte, read a book, and sit in the quiet. It’s refreshing. I intentionally set aside one day a week to spend extended time with Jesus and loved ones and to not focus on work or tasks that take away from my rest time. It’s not always the same day of the week for me, but I do strive to honor the Sabbath, even if it’s in a contemporary way. God knows my heart, you know?

I also schedule the things that I know don’t change much – work, my class/homework schedule, bible study sessions, etc. I’ve been more intentional with my sleeping schedule lately as well because I want to sleep well and get the most out of the time that I’m awake.

The last couple of weeks have been packed with activities, and Michael and I know that it’s important to spend some quality time together. It’s easy to get busy and to overbook and overextend ourselves because we love so many people and things, but some days I just feel like staying home.

Some weeks we go out on dates, or he brings me dinner at work. We also occasionally enjoy time at home together, but we like spending time with our friends, serving at church, and visiting family. It’s so important to make time to be still and quiet a little each day too, which isn’t too hard right now because it’s just us. I can’t imagine how busy I’d be if one day we have a child.

Life moves quickly, but I’m enjoying it right now. I think as long as I’m focused on the One who’s in control, I’ll be set.

Do you struggle to balance your time? Do you choose fun activities over rest?


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