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Vision and Goals

Earlier this year my pastor did a series on vision, and it made me stop and ponder the vision for my life. I have some pretty specific, detailed dreams about sharing God’s goodness with others. I also have some personal and professional dreams that I’m working to turn into goals.

I’ve spent the last several years disciplining myself to spend time with the Lord daily, and now I enjoy it. I crave spending time with Him, and when I don’t I definitely don’t feel as rested and content. He’s my source, and I want Him at the center of everything that I do and hope to do.

Vision boards are pretty popular, but I decided to make a vision book for myself instead. In it, I’ve laid out personal goals, health goals, marriage goals, professional goals, etc. I also leave room for scriptures in it because I like to reflect on God’s truth as often as I dream about the future.

My vision book is pretty new, but it’s fun to put my thoughts, ideas, hopes, and goals into writing because at some point later I’ll be able to look back and see what I accomplished (with God’s help, of course.)

Another truth that significantly impacted me was that I don’t need to wait for a grand stage or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be used by God. He’s willing to use me as often as I ask Him to, and while dreams and goals are important, it’s also important to use the gifts and talents he’s given me for the season I’m in right now.

I haven’t published a book, but I do have opportunities daily to show the love of Jesus to students who come into my office and my home. I lead a Bible study with my best friend. I also have the privilege of leading people in worship, and I get to help people connect as they come into my church.

God uses me in ways that may seem insignificant, but the reality is that, as a believer, I don’t want to miss out on opportunities to make an eternal impact right now.

I’m planning to pursue an MBA next year, and I’m learning everything I can at work to make myself a valuable part of the team. Michael and I both make an effort to lift each other up and encourage each other in our marriage, and we pray for opportunities to grow in our careers. He loves being an accountant, but we both recognize that we were made to do more than our jobs. We strive to do them with excellence too, knowing that God empowers us to live in his favor.

Visions, dreams, and goals are important because they give us something to strive to achieve the things that God has planned for us, and these things also give us opportunities to grow in relationship with others and to see the value that we have in Christ.

Do you make goals for your future? Do you have a vision board or a book of goals? Did developing a plan help you achieve your goals?


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