Things I Love

My friends and family are important to me, and I’m pretty crazy about my husband too.

Michael and I enjoy playing board games with our friends almost every weekend, and we play Scrabble, Banagrams, and Rummikub with my mom pretty regularly. We also play card games with his family almost every time we visit them in Mississippi too.

I enjoy drinking coffee, reading my Bible and spending quite time with Jesus, especially on mornings that aren’t rushed. I look up scriptures from my Bible Study books, and I also follow plans that I find on the YouVersion app.

I love to bake, and I enjoy cooking too. If you’re invited to my house, it’s likely that you’ll be offered fancy cheese, a meal, and maybe even cookies.

Saying that I love exercise would be a stretch at this point, but it’s something I strive to do. I need to do it more, and I find a lot of satisfaction in encouraging others to do it while I sweat right along with them.

I drink plain sparkling water everyday because I don’t like sodas, but I do love the bubbly effervescence of my fancy water.

Reading, making wreaths, and knitting are also things that I enjoy regularly.

I love to write too, which explains why I’ve blogged regularly for over a decade.

I love to sing at the top of my lungs, and I also love leading people into worship. Those things are very different, but they both have their place in my world.

I’m interested in current events, health and wellness, marketing, politics, and learning about a variety of other things that interest me, and now I try to navigate those topics through the lens of God’s character. Sometimes I’m successful in that, but there’s a lot of work to be done in me.

My nieces and nephew are my favorite kids ever, and I traveling. I like the mountains and the beach, and I still enjoy the bustle of a big city. I miss the snow and changing seasons, but I visit Colorado pretty frequently.

I prefer talking on the phone over texting, but I’d pick talking face to face almost any day.

There are so many things to love, but this list is a good representation of things I enjoy regularly.

What do you love?